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Constants specific to the f64 double-precision floating point type.

See also the f64 primitive type.

Mathematically significant numbers are provided in the consts sub-module.

For the constants defined directly in this module (as distinct from those defined in the consts sub-module), new code should instead use the associated constants defined directly on the f64 type.


Basic mathematical constants.


DIGITSDeprecation planned

Approximate number of significant digits in base 10. Use f64::DIGITS instead.

EPSILONDeprecation planned

Machine epsilon value for f64. Use f64::EPSILON instead.

INFINITYDeprecation planned

Infinity (∞). Use f64::INFINITY instead.

MANTISSA_DIGITSDeprecation planned

Number of significant digits in base 2. Use f64::MANTISSA_DIGITS instead.

MAXDeprecation planned

Largest finite f64 value. Use f64::MAX instead.

MAX_10_EXPDeprecation planned

Maximum possible power of 10 exponent. Use f64::MAX_10_EXP instead.

MAX_EXPDeprecation planned

Maximum possible power of 2 exponent. Use f64::MAX_EXP instead.

MINDeprecation planned

Smallest finite f64 value. Use f64::MIN instead.

MIN_10_EXPDeprecation planned

Minimum possible normal power of 10 exponent. Use f64::MIN_10_EXP instead.

MIN_EXPDeprecation planned

One greater than the minimum possible normal power of 2 exponent. Use f64::MIN_EXP instead.

MIN_POSITIVEDeprecation planned

Smallest positive normal f64 value. Use f64::MIN_POSITIVE instead.

NANDeprecation planned

Not a Number (NaN). Use f64::NAN instead.

NEG_INFINITYDeprecation planned

Negative infinity (−∞). Use f64::NEG_INFINITY instead.

RADIXDeprecation planned

The radix or base of the internal representation of f64. Use f64::RADIX instead.