Macro std::env1.0.0[][src]

macro_rules! env {
    ($name : expr $(,) ?) => { ... };
    ($name : expr, $error_msg : expr $(,) ?) => { ... };
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Inspects an environment variable at compile time.

This macro will expand to the value of the named environment variable at compile time, yielding an expression of type &'static str.

If the environment variable is not defined, then a compilation error will be emitted. To not emit a compile error, use the option_env! macro instead.


let path: &'static str = env!("PATH");
println!("the $PATH variable at the time of compiling was: {}", path);

You can customize the error message by passing a string as the second parameter:

let doc: &'static str = env!("documentation", "what's that?!");

If the documentation environment variable is not defined, you’ll get the following error:

error: what's that?!