[][src]Struct sgx_isa::Report

#[repr(C, align(512))]pub struct Report {
    pub cpusvn: [u8; 16],
    pub miscselect: Miscselect,
    pub _reserved1: [u8; 28],
    pub attributes: Attributes,
    pub mrenclave: [u8; 32],
    pub _reserved2: [u8; 32],
    pub mrsigner: [u8; 32],
    pub _reserved3: [u8; 96],
    pub isvprodid: u16,
    pub isvsvn: u16,
    pub _reserved4: [u8; 60],
    pub reportdata: [u8; 64],
    pub keyid: [u8; 32],
    pub mac: [u8; 16],


cpusvn: [u8; 16]miscselect: Miscselect_reserved1: [u8; 28]attributes: Attributesmrenclave: [u8; 32]_reserved2: [u8; 32]mrsigner: [u8; 32]_reserved3: [u8; 96]isvprodid: u16isvsvn: u16_reserved4: [u8; 60]reportdata: [u8; 64]keyid: [u8; 32]mac: [u8; 16]


impl Report[src]

pub fn try_copy_from(src: &[u8]) -> Option<Self>[src]

If src has the correct length for this type, returns Some<T> copied from src, else returns None.

impl Report[src]

pub const UNPADDED_SIZE: usize[src]

pub const TRUNCATED_SIZE: usize[src]

Report size without keyid and mac

pub fn mac_data(&self) -> &[u8; 384][src]

Returns that part of the Report that is MACed.

Trait Implementations

impl AsRef<[u8]> for Report[src]

impl Clone for Report[src]

impl Debug for Report[src]

impl Default for Report[src]

impl Eq for Report[src]

impl From<Report> for Targetinfo[src]

impl PartialEq<Report> for Report[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl Send for Report

impl Sync for Report

impl Unpin for Report

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