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Rust EDP documentation

The Fortanix Enclave Development platform lets you write complete applications inside an enclave.


Getting your first EDP “Hello, World!” is a breeze. No need to setup complicated toolchains.


Learn about how EDP is built and how to write enclave applications.


Now that you're comfortable with EDP, go to the next level.


Anyone can contribute, whether you're new to SGX & EDP or not.

See issues that need work
Submit your contributions via a pull request

Getting help

We love hearing from you! The best way to get community support is the #rust-sgx Slack channel of the Runtime Encryption community. Fortanix customers may contact their assigned support contact or Alternatively, if you think you've found a bug, or something is missing from the documentation, you can file an issue on GitHub. Please do not submit support requests via the GitHub issue tracker.